Our tests have collected over 2,000 pellets shot at our 1″ ballistic panels and none of them made it through.



Every ballistic panel contains two pre-drilled holes on two sides so our panels can be hung vertically or horizontally



Every panel includes a plastic signboard, standoffs, and thumb tacks so you can easily attach your targets.  Standoffs allow some small pellet build-up against the ballistic panel without messing up your targets.


New Design & New Lower Pricing !!!


Airgun Target Systems has been busy designing and producing our newest Ballistic Lead Catching Panels. We have made a huge switch from the MDF mounting panel to 1/8″ Aluminum Mounting Panel. This has allowed us to eliminate the VERY expensive plastic coating, which was used to provide weather proofing of the MDF board. The change to aluminum has alllowed us to provide a panel with a lifetime of weatherproofing and durability and a huge discount from our previous pricing. The panels are made with our new rubber design which incorporates 4 plys of ballistic fabric, the past models had only 3 plys of fabric, the ballistic fabric is our largest cost of producing these panels. We used some of the savings from discontinuing the plastic coating to increase the fabric plys and spent it on the new rubber. The new panels are being made the same way we made the MDF mounted panels. The rubber panels are glued together and then then glued to the aluminum sheet.It is finished using 8 Chicago Screws.


We are beginning the new model line-up with 2 sizes, both sizes are available in 60 FPE and 90 FPE. Our new small 60 & 90 FPE rated panels are 10″ X 16″ overall with a rubber target area of 8.5″ X 13″ between the stand-offs and the larger 16″ X 20″ with a rubber target area of 13″ X 17″ between the rubber stand-offs. As with all of our panels there are holes drilled on the top and right side of the aluminum for hanging vertically or horizontally. Pricing to follow.


Price for the Model 106.1, 16″ X 20″ is $94.95 , 90 FPE (that price was the price of the 60 FPE with the MDF backboard)


Price for the Model 107.1 10″ X 16″ , 90 FPE , is $64.95



 Model 106.1Model 107.1
Total Dimensions16" x 20"10" x 16"
Target Area13" x 17"8.5" x 13"
Ballistic Plys88
Min FPE*2020
Max FPE9090
Max Caliber.30.30
Panel BaseAluminumAluminum
Plastic Signboard IncludedYesYes
Targets Included22
Price (shipping not included)$94.95
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* These pellet backstops are not for use with guns producing less than 20 FPE. There is a chance of bounce-back or ricochet. The use of BB’s is prohibited; they will not penetrate the panel.


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Why We Use Ballistic Rubber Backstop Panels

Airgun Target Systems produces Ballistic Rubber Panels made to stop and collect pellets safely and cleanly. The designs are suitable for shooting both indoors and out. Gone is the mess of wooden backstops leaving splinters of plywood around the target area plus the collection of all lead pellets protecting the shooting area from lead contamination.


Shooting becomes safer knowing exactly where each pellet will land and stay. As the lead is built up in the panel subsequent shots land on top of the previously shot pellets basically welding themselves together. Once the lead piles are 3-4 pellets high they can simply be brushed off by hand into a tray for collection. Current designs are tested to 60 FPE with safe collection of pellets shot from up to .25  caliber guns. 

Over the years backyard shooting has evolved from simple single shot pellet rifles to the current multi shot guns shooting from magazines with up to 26 pellet capacity. These fast shooting guns need a way to stop lead pellets from penetrating the backstops that most shooters employ made from wood boards and plywood, artists clay, rubber mulch and any other of the shooters self designed backstops. Ballistic rubber panels collect lead consistently and safely. After a target shooting session it’s easy to see the lead pellets collecting in the rubber panels without penetrating. 


Indoors, the panels become the safest way to stop pellets. Steel pellet traps are a thing of the past. They are noisy and distracting to the rest of the people in the house. Using a rubber panel provides the shooter the confidence in knowing where each shot will stay

The Ultimate Lead Collecting System

Hi everyone, my name is Stephen Kenyon and I’m in charge of doing the administrative work and Mark Bookbinder manages all of the production. BTW, Mark is a Research Scientist making drugs to treat prostate and breast cancer. So Mark has been the lead engineer designing the rubber compound and specifications.


The product is made from a custom rubber compound with 3 plys of a generic ballistic fabric molded into the rubber. The ballistic fabric is what makes it all perform. The generic ballistic fabric is very similar to Kevlar but we didn’t want to spend the money just to use a Name Brand product that wouldn’t perform any better. Once the rubber is cut to size it gets cemented to the 3/8″ MDF (medium density fiberboard) and then fastened with staples from a pneumatic staple gun. Then the panel goes to get sprayed with a plastic coating that provides water resistance so the board can stay outside for a couple of weeks at a time. We suggest that once the customer receives the panel if he/she has the capability it would pay to make some type of enclosure about 4″ deep to hold the panel. This will provide weather protection and also provide a sill underneath the panel to catch any pellets that might drop from the panel after the lead builds up. The panel catches EVERY pellet but in time there will be little 3-4 pellet hills that will fall or can be brushed off with your hand into a tray of some sort.


Even though the panel is coated in a plastic covering it’s not recommended that it sit outside indefinitely. We want our customers to have a product that lasts a lifetime and getting it out of the weather for any long periods of not using it will make it last.


Right now we make 3 sizes of panels, All panels are recommended for use with up to .25 caliber guns shooting at 30 FPE for the 1/2″ thick and .25 cal. shooting at 50 FPE for the 3/4″ thick and 60 FPE for the 1″ thick panel. The sizes we are producing right now include, a 1/2″ thick X 12″ X 16″ for $74.95, 1″ thick X 14″ X 18″ for $94.95 and 3/4″ thick X 12″ X 24″ for $109.95 . Plus we can make any custom size asked for. All prices are plus shipping. As a commercial FedEx shipper our rates are absolutely the lowest possible. If a customer is in Hawaii or Alaska USPS may be a less expensive way to ship.

Minimum 20 FPE

These pellet backstops are not for use with guns producing less than 20 FPE. There is a chance of bounce-back or ricochet. The use of BB’s is prohibited; they will not penetrate the panel.


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